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The city of Baku offers a beautiful mix of historical and contemporary architecture.  From the 12th century dated Maiden tower to the the stunning Flame towers leading the city’s skyline, Baku is filled with building of different eras. The city is also located very nearby to fascinating places like the natural burning hillside of Yanar Dag, Gobustan Mud volcanoes and many more. Here are the best things to do in and around Baku.


1. Heydar Aliyev Center

  • This building houses an auditorium, exhibition spaces, museum, library and more. The museum showcases the history and evolution of Baku. The building also offers a classic car exhibition which is very interested if you are into cars.  Overall, this is the best place in Baku for hosting an event or an exhibition.
  • But apart from all its uses, it’s the architecture of the building that makes it famous. The building boasts a stunning distinct architecture which is very eye pleasing. The exterior looks like fluid curves which is very unique and different from any other building in the city. This building was one of the representation of the evolution of the city of Baku in a modern city.
  • The entrance fees for 15 AZN for museum and exhibitions and 10 AZN for the car exhibition. For additional information of the exhibitions happening in your travel dates, things on offer and ticket booking, please visit the official website.
  • Even if you don’t plan on going inside, this place a beautiful outside space with garden for just chilling or maybe a small picnic.
Panorama of Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku

2. Old City and Maiden Tower

  • The old city is filled with historical buildings providing a beautiful contrast to the modern skyscrapers. The most famous landmarks in the old city are the Maiden Tower and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs. If you are into history, you should visit them inside. Even if you don’t, make sure you stroll around in the beautiful alleyways of the old city and sit in one of the quaint cafes.
  • Maiden tower is beautiful 12th century building in Baku old city. This is one of landmarks of the city. This building is houses a museum which shows the history and evolution of Baku into the modern city of today. For the same, it contains various exhibits and thus taking a guided tour is must to actually understand the history. Apart from the exhibits, the museum also contains a rooftop viewpoint offering stunning views of the Old city. For additional information, please visit the official website.
Panorama of Maiden Tower in Baku
Photo by Bahram Jamalov from Pexels

3. Palace of the Shirvanshahs

  • This beautiful palace is located in the Baku Old City. Dating back to the 15th century, it was made by the Shirvanshahs(ruler of the Shirvan city in Azerbaijan).
  • This palace boasts beautiful architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Along with the palace itself, it  houses a mosque with a minaret, burial vaults, and viewpoints offering stunning views of the Baku City. It also contains relics of the rulers. Taking a guided tour would be best to understand the history better, as that is main charm of the place.
  • The entrance fee is 15 AZN. For additional information, please visit the official website.
Panorama of the Palace of the Shirvanshahs in Baku
Photo by Istvan on flickr(

4. Bibi-Heybat Mosque

  • This beautiful mosque dates back to 1936. This mosque resides the tomb of Ukeyma Khanum (a descendant of Muhammad) which one of the highlights of this place.
  • The interior walls of the main mosque building is covered with green and turquoise mirrors which is extremely eye pleasing. The whole interiors of the place along with the Shivran architecture is just gorgeous.
Green and turquoise mirror interior walls in Bibi-Heybat mosque
Interfase / CC BY-SA (

5. Highland Park

  • Located in the heart of the city, this park is more a viewpoint which overlooks the Baku city and Caspian sea. It does not contain lush green gardens, so don’t expect that. Rather, the floor are tiled.
  • The viewpoint is located at the highest point in Baku city and provides breathtaking views. There is a cafe in the park so that you can sip your coffee while you soak in the views.
Beautiful panoromic views of Baku city from Highland Park

6. Ateshgah Fire Temple

  • This famous temple looks like a castle. Dating back to 17th century, it was made in the Surakhani town to worship fire as the name suggests.
  • History: The fire which was worshiped here was natural fire, which originated due burning of natural gases underground. These natural gases were filled in the almost whole Surakhani town at the time. There were 7 holes in the temple from which the flames kept burning for centuries. Nobody knows how the gases were lit here originally. In the 19th century, plants were set up for the extraction of petroleum and gas in the area. This led the eternal flame to off in 1969. The temple is now converted into a museum and is titled  a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • The temple is now converted into a museum and is titled  a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fire in the historical 7 holes are is now generated via a gas pipe coming from Baku.  With such a fascinating history and beautiful architecture, we recommend taking a guided tour of this temple.
Fire burning in Ateshgah fire temple
Photo by Istvan on flickr(

7. Yanar Dag(Burning Mountain)

Yanar Dag is a natural fire located on a hillside near Baku. This fire is due to the burning of natural gases seeping out of the earth surface underneath it. Nobody knows who lit it, but it has been burning since the year 1950 till date. It is small fire, but very fascinating.

Fire burning at Yanar Dag
Photo by Adam Harvey on flickr(

8. Gobustan National Park

  • This national park is famous for ancient rock carvings which is estimated to be 5000-20000 years old. So fascinating! This park is filled with such carvings which depict ritual dances, animals, warriors and many more.
  • The park also has a museum which showcases the history of the region and relics. For a history buff, this will be very interesting day trips.
Rock carving at Gobustan National Park

9. Gobustan Mud Volcano

  • A mud volcano is not an actual volcano as there is no lava involved. But very similar to a volcano as instead of lava, mud is erupted. The Gobustan region in Azerbaijan is estimated to have around 300 mud volcanoes of the total 700 in the world.  The spot where all these volcanoes are located is just a 30 mins drive from Gobustan National park, so you can combine them in a day trip.
  • Due to all the mud, the path is very bumpy. So the only way to reach the spot is via a 4×4 jeep which is included with a chauffeur in your ticket. The site of seeing a volcano erupt mud is very stunning. If you haven’t experienced this before, this is definitely the unmissable thing do around Baku.
Close up photo of a mud volcano in Azerbaijan
Photo by Adam Harvey on flickr(

10. Shahdag Mountain Resort

  • This is my favorite item on the list. Located in the Great Caucasus mountain range, this resort is a gem for all seasons.
  • In summers, it offers activities like hiking trails, mountain biking, quad tour and many more. In winters, it offers the greatest ski resort in the country with activities like skiing, snowboarding and many more. And obviously the breathtaking 360 views, no matter when you go.
  • For list of activities and booking, please visit the Shahdag resort website. If you don’t get a booking here for some reason, you can also go to Qafqaz Tufandag Mountain Resort Hotel which is a similar ski resort in Gabala city.
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