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From ancient ruins to hidden beaches, from spectacular mountains to stunning coastline, from waterfalls splashing turquoise waters to cenotes offering amazing diving experiences, Mexico has so much to offer. The country is packed with so much to do, that i don’t think it is possible to cover it call in a single trip. I have still tried to make a list of the most unmissable things to do which was very difficult in this case.


1. Petra

  • This is unarguably the symbol of Jordan, and naturally the most visited site in the country. Petra is a historical city which dates back to around 2nd century BC (more than 2100 years old!). This city was established by nomadic Arab traders known as Nabataeans. This city prospered as a trade route for hundreds of years but then demised due to earthquakes and change of trade route. The city which had around 30,000 inhabitants suddenly become uninhabited and the city was lost in history. It was rediscovered in 1812.
  • This city lies in a basin surrounded by mountains. This entire city has been carved into these mountains which has rose gold colored rocks.
  • As it was a city, it has many things to see like a amphitheater, dam, cave dwellings, viewpoints, tombs of important figures, temples and much more. The cliched highlight of Petra is the treasury and the siq.
Panorama of the treasury buiding and the surrounding mountains of Petra
IMAGE CREDITS: wallpapermemory.com

2. Dead Sea

The beautiful dead sea is actually a salt lake. This lake is one of the saltiest bodies of water on the planet. This excessive saltiness provides an environment where plants and animals cannot exist, thus the name.
People floating on the dead sea
Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

3. Wadi Rum

  • Wadi Rum is a breathtakingly scenic desert valley in southern Jordan. This is a long stretch of pinkish red sand, spectacular mountains surrounding the region and huge open spaces. The whole place looks like it is belongs to some other planet.
  • The best way to explore this desert is either hiring 4WD ride. You can also choose a camel ride, but that will be at a walking pace so you will not be able to cover much area. 4WD tours take you on a comprehensive tour of the valley. They include the numerous mountain viewpoints that offer unreal views of the desert.
  • There are many hotel camps in Wadi Rum. One of the most important thing to check before you book is whether the hotel is outside or inside the reserve area. One of the most recommended thing to do in Jordan is to sleep under the stars in a bubble in Wadi rum. There are many camps which provide bubble accommodation.
  • If you are using public transport to come here, regular buses operate from Aqaba, Petra and Amman.
  • Apart from just taking the desert tour, the best experience is staying
Panorama of wadi rum at sunset time
© Hamdan Yoshida/ Adobe Stock

4. Visit the place where Jesus was baptized

  • Unexpectedly, it is known that Jesus was baptized in Jordan. This holy place, known as Al-Maghtas, lies on the east bank of the Jordan river. This archaeological World Heritage site contains the ruins of a monastery and churches, baptism ponds and much more.
  • The entrance fee is 12 JOD.
Qasr al-Yahud Baptismal Site on the river Jordan
© Lucy/ Adobe Stock

5. Amman Citadel

  • Amman citadel is located on a hill in downtown Amman overlooking the old city. This historical site dates back to the bronze age and has been ruled by various empires since. Thus the site has a fascinating history and contains ruins of historical structures.
  • The major historical buildings at the site include a Byzantine church, the Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad palace. The site also has the Jordon archaeological museum built in 1951.
  • Apart from the very interesting history, the best part about the site is the breathtaking view of the Jordan old city.
Panorama of ruins and Amman old city at Amman citadel
© Marina Marr/ Adobe Stock

6. Ma’in Hot Spring

  • Ma’in Hot springs are a series of mineral hot springs and waterfalls located between Madaba and the Dead sea. These springs have varied temperatures ranging from 30° to around  63° Celsius. The minerals contained in these springs have various health benefits and thus it is highly recommended to bathe one of them.
  • As per my research, the only way to access these springs is via the Ma’in Hot Spring Resort and Spa. This resort is located such that three of the Ma’in springs fall directly into the resort area. These three springs, which are separated by a distance, are connected to corresponding pools which are designated as family pool, ladies only pool and a big common pool. These springs have a cozy temperature of around 35° Celsius.
  • To access these pools, you will have to either stay in the resort or at least book a spa. Packages for spa starts around 38 JOD.
Woman bathing under hot spring in Ma'in spa resort in Jordan
© OSTILL is Franck Camhi/Shutterstock.com

7. Mount Nebo

This is a beautiful mountain ridge near the dead sea. The Hebrew bible mentions the summit of this ridge as the place where Moses was granted the view of the Promised Land. This breathtaking view provides a panorama of the land on one side and a limited view of the valley of river Jordan on the other. On a clear day, you can even get a view of Jerusalem from the summit!
View from the summit of Mount Nebo in Jordan
© Irina84/ Adobe Stock

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