9 Best Day trips from Prague | Complete Guide


There are endless reasons to visit Prague and the list here will give you more reasons to extend the stay and take these day trips. Castles, Czech Breweries, dramatic history, old European towns, hot springs, ski resorts, caves and what not! There are a gazillion places to visit around Prague. Each one is better than the other. Though I don’t think you can get enough of Prague should you want to escape, here is a list of the best day trips from Prague!


1. Kutna Hora

Distance: 1 hour drive(Around 80 KM’s)
  • The beautiful city of Kutna Hora has plenty to offer for a day trip.
  • The most famous landmark in the city is the St. Barbara’s Church. This is a Roman catholic church built in the style of a cathedral. It’s a delight to the eye. There is a small door in this church which leads to the balcony which gives stunning views of the city. Make sure you do that.
  • Another must do is the the Bone Church (also known as Sedlec Ossuary). This is Roman Catholic Chapel below the Cemetery Church of All Saints. This chapel contains more than 40,000 bones of people who were killed by plagues and wars. All these bones are arranged very artistically. This  chapel has a very interesting Chandelier. It is believed it contains each kind of a bone of human body. The whole place is very spooky but fascinating.
  • Another thing to do is the Cathedral of Our Lady which which is a beautiful 700-year Gothic church with a hint of baroque architecture. It’s beautiful and has amazing paintings on the ceiling.

2. Hot springs at Karlovy Vary

Distance: 2 hours drive(131 KM’s)
  • Karlovy Vary is a very popular spa town near Prague. This resort town is filled with hot springs all over the city. There are hot springs outlets and fountains all over the city. The definite first thing to do in the city is to fill and sip some hot water in one of those authentic cups.
  • There are also multiple places in the city where you can relax in the thermal waters and let your body soak in the minerals. There are also various spa treatments available here.
  • Another must thing to do here is to view the entire city from a viewpoint. There are multiple viewpoints on offer but the best one is the Diana’s viewpoint. You can either trek up or take a convenient cable car. The view of the town from here is just breathtaking.
  • You must try the Oplatky which is basically a crispy, thin version of a waffle and it only costs 0.3 € and Becherovka which is herb liquor famous since 1807. These two things are hard to find anywhere else in the world so you must try them for sure.
  • If you have some time to spare, I recommend you chill at the multiple bars by the river. It’s really relaxing to sip beer with the river passing right next to you. Bar recommendations Narodak and Pivnice Cerna Plzen. Keep in mind that the prices at the main square are higher so you may want to steer away from there.

3. Pilsen

Distance: Around 1 hour 15 mins drive(105 KM’s)
  • The town of Pilsen was home to the very famous Pilsener beer, hence the name. The first Pilsener beer was produced here in 1842 by Josef Groll, at the Pilsner Urquell brewery. This brewery gives beer tasting tours in which they also explain the whole process of brewing. The tour costs around 10 Euros. To know more about this brewery, please visit the official website
  • Other things to do in the city include the St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. This Gothic cathedral dates back to the 12th century and is one of main landmarks of the city. This cathedral has a huge church tower which offers stunning views of the Pilsen city.
  • Another very interesting thing to do here is the Plzen Historical Underground tour. This tour takes you to the passageways, wells and cellars below the town of Pilsen. This tour explains the fascinating history behind how this underground life started and the people back then used this passageways. Also, do try the ice cream at Kolombina and food at Blondies Burgers.

4. Terezín Concentration Camp

  • It doesn’t give you a vacation vibe and I get it, but you are into history, you should consider this as a worth visiting place. When you get into the dark history of this place dating to the World War II, it is bound to get you emotional. This place was a half concentration camp half ghetto for the Nazi Germany. Hilter used this place to kill millions of Jews.
  • Today, this place is home to the memorial of all the victims of that horror time. We strongly recommend taking a guided tour to understand the history of this place as that is whole point of visiting this place.

5. Ceské Budejovice

  • This beautiful city is home to the very famous Budweiser beer. The Budweiser Budvar is the name of the brewery which brewed the first Budweiser beer and they organize beer tasting tours in which they also explain the whole beer making process. For additional information, please visit the official website.
  • Other things to do in the city include the Black Tower. This tower dates back to the 15th century. You can to the top of this iconic landmark and discover spectacular views of the city. There is also beautiful church near the black tower named St. Nicholas Church. It’s nothing fancy but just something you can see in the area.
  • One of the best thing i did in the city was to cycle along the river. I suggest you download this app called Rekola, which makes bike renting very easy.

6. Bohemian Switzerland National Park

  • This park in not in Switzerland, it’s in Czech Republic only. This is a gigantic national park especially meant for hikers and in general people who want to get lost in nature. You can stroll through the sandstones, gorges, beautiful views and forest for the whole day.
  • The best spots to cover here are:
    • Pravcicka gate- This is most famous spot in this national park and in general. This is a large rock archway. The view of this archway with the surrounding mountain looks unreal.
    • Kamnitz Gorge- Scenic gorge with tours via boat
    • Mary’s Rock – Rocky lookout with a historic hut

7. Dresden, Germany

Distance: Around 2 hours drive(150 KM’s)
  • This beautiful German city is known for its stunning architecture and history. This city has a big history connected to the World War II during which it was bombed and most of this city was destroyed. We recommend taking a guide tour so that you can understand the history better.
  • The city coasts splendid architecture across the city along with beautiful facades in the historic city center. The most famous site in this city is the Church of Our Lady, whose grand dome can be seen from miles. You can also climb up this famous dome to discover beautiful views of the Dresden city. The cost is 8 Euros.
  • Art lovers must take the time to explore Zwinger palatial complex. It houses  masterpieces such as Raphael’s “Sistine Madonna.” A guided tour of this place starts at 7 €.
  • You can also consider staying a night in this beautiful town. Walk along the cozy cafes, bars and abstract street art. And cycle around the River Elbe. Those who love adventure can try cable wakeboarding in Dresden.

8. Monínec Ski Resort

  • Monínec is a beautiful ski resort about 1 hour drive away from Prague. There is a cable car to get to the resort area up the hill from the parking area.
  • This resort offers everything you can imagine on a skiing day trip. It offers sports like downward skiing, cross country skiing and even a skiing school to learn. It also has accommodation facilities along with couple of restaurants so you can easily make this a weekend getaway and relax in the icy surroundings over the weekend.
  • Even in the summers, you can come here and soak in the beautiful views. For additional information, please visit the official website.

9. Koneprusy Caves and Karlstejn Castle

  • Koneprusy Caves are a stunning cave system filled with steep rock faces, bottomless canyons and vertical cliffs and spectacular drip stones decoration. This is 2 KM long cave is very fascinating to explore. It is just a 40 min drive from Prague.
  • Another 40 mins drive from these caves will take you to the Karlstejn Castle. This spectacular castle dates back to the 13th century. This castle was home to the Imperial Regalia, holy relics and many other royal treasures. Apart from the stunning architecture of this majestic palace, it also provides beautiful views of the surrounding valleys.

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