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The city capital city of Greece is dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks and the beautiful coastline on the south. This bustling and modern capital city is home to some of the world’s most relics dating back more than 3000 years. It offers numerous viewpoints an beaches to soak in the scenic beauty.  Moreover the city also serves as a fantastic base to visit the nearby beautiful Greek islands and many other beautiful places. The following list mentions top things to do in Athens and the top day trips from it.


1. Acropolis of Athens

  • This is this most iconic site in Athens, and it is safe to say that it represents this city. The architecture of this site is considered one the mankind’s greatest achievement. This site dates back 2500 years, which makes it fascinating! The history of this site is as intriguing as it can get. And then the view of the city from there is simply cherry on the cake! The whole experience will take your breath away.
  • The site opens at 8 am. Visit the official website of Acropolis for information on history of the place, opening hours and more.

2. Acropolis Museum

  • This museum exhibits all the artifacts related to the huge history of Acropolis and Greece in general. All the artifacts are marked with their corresponding  detailed descriptions. We recommend taking a guided tour to understand the history better.
  • Being one of the visited spots in Athens, line-ups can be huge in peak seasons. Also the prices and working hours differ as per the summer and winter season. For all the updated details on hours, price and buying the e-ticket, please visit the official website of Acropolis Museum
  • You can also opt for an all inclusive ticket (turbo pass) which covers a lot of other places too . Since the line-ups here can be huge, so we suggest you purchase your ticket ahead of time. Visit Turbo Pass website to buy.

3. Vouliagmeni Lake

Distance: 25 KM’s, around 30 mins drive from city center
  • Vouliagmeni Lake is a hidden gem just on the Athenian Riviera. The waters of this thermal pool are rich in salts and minerals and has a temperature between 22 to 29° Celsius  all year round. The waters are continuously refilled both by the sea and the underground thermal springs which offers a natural and unique thermal spa experience.
  • There is a cafe around the Lake shoreline which provides a great view of the lake. It is free for access. To go further and enter the main lake area you need to pay the entrance which is around  8 Euros on weekdays and 10 on weekends. Goes up-to 15 Euros in peak seasons.
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas are included in the entrance cost.  Life-guarding/medical services, Parking, Cabins, Lockers, Showers, Accessibility, Wi-Fi, kids corner, etc. are available.
  • You can combine this lake visit with a trip to Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon as it’s on the same route.

4. Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon

Distance: 80 KM’s, around 1 hour drive
  • The beautiful Cape Sounion is home to the Temple of Poseidon. As soon as you arrive, you will be able to see the ruins of this magnificent temple and the breathtaking view of the Aegean sea from it.
  • The temple of dates back to the 5th Century B.C. If you want to understand the history better than we recommend taking a guided tour. We also recommend coming here at sunset. Personally i felt the sunset from here was one of the best i have ever seen!
  • Opening hours of the temple are generally from 9AM to sunset. Entrance fee is 8 Euro for adults. To know more about the history, updated opening hours and more, visit the official website of Cape Sounion.
  • There is also a cafe located at the start of the 5 min hike to reach this place. The cafe offers a view of this Temple.  To read in detail about this tour, please visit our Vouliagmeni and Temple of Poseidon article.

5. Lycabettus Hill

  • Lycabettus Hill is one of the topmost hills in city of Athens. To get to the top, you can either hike up a forested slope or there’s a convenient cable car to the top.
  • The cable car generally operates from from 9:30 am to 2:30 a.m. and runs every half an hour. The cost for a round trip ticket is 7.5 Euros and 5 Euros for a one way ticket. As the operating hours and prices can change over time and season, please refer to the official website of Lycanbettus Hill before going.
  • The best offers one of the most magnificent views of the city. Apart from the view, there are many other things to do up there.  There’s a gourmet Greek restaurant with probably the most scenic terrace in the city, a beautiful whitewashed church called St George and obviously a café.
  • There is also a open-air theater built on other part of the hill. Concerts are held here in summertime.

6. Cine Paris

  • I am sure you have heard/experienced wine with a view. But have you ever heard of watching movie on the big screen with a view? Well, Cine Paris is the name.
  • This is basically an open air theater where you can watch movie with the view of Acropolis. To get the best of this unique experience, we recommend going at Sunset.
  • Since the theater is open air, it is open only in Summer time. For reservations, movie list and other details, visit the official website of Cine Paris.

7. Shop in the Plaka

  • The Plaka is one of the most beautiful and iconic areas in Athens. It is located below the Acropolis.
  • It offers pretty cobblestones streets with chic roadside cafes and shops selling jewelry, local ceramics and clothes.
  • Most of area is a no traffic zone. Thus it is a great place to away from the city bustle and just relax. Cine Paris is also located here if you are in mood for watching a view with the Acropolis view.

8. Smash Things at Limba Rage Room

  • Well this is not your touristy site. If you are feeling enraged and you want it out, or you are not and just want to do something unique, Limba Rage room is the place.
  • The ticket includes package of plates, bottles, a tube TV and glasses. So you basically buy this stuff and smash them. As i said, it can be stress reliever or just the unique thing you did that day. Visit the facebook page of Limba Rage Room for opening hours and other information.

9. Drink at Brettos Bar

This bar is one of oldest distillery in Europe. It’s decoration with numerous colorful-lit bottles sets it apart.  This bar serves classic alcohol – all crafted using old family recipes. The place is an old-fashioned distillery bar with a great vibe. And this is also located in Plaka. I will recommend going here for a drink or two. Visit official website of Brettos Bar for opening hours and additional information.

10. Take a day cruise to 3 islands-Hydra, Poros and Aegina

  • Athens has many nearby small boutique islands. Out of them, regular cruises are operated to the three picturesque islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina.
  • Hydra is beautiful island with a vibrant harbor. The harbor has numerous restaurants, cafes and contains the main vibe of the island.There are numerous view points where you can look at the whitewashed and red roof houses and the endless sea.
  • The islands of Poros and Aegina very similar. The island is built around the main harbor which act as the center. Not only for a day tour, but you can also choose to spend a day or two on these islands if you are looking to spend some time on a boutique island.
  • The approximate starting cost of this tour is around 100 Euros. Booking link is given below the image.

11. A day trip to Delphi

Delphi was of the most of the important site to the ancient Greeks. This site was the seat of the head priest or their religious head. The ancient Greeks considered this site as the center of the world. If you are into history, you should definitely take a guided tour of Delphi.

12. Day trip to Meteora

  • Meteora is a huge pillar like rock formation housing various monasteries on the top of this rock. This rocks are located near the town of Kalambaka and Pindus Mountains in Greece. The most popular monastery to visit here is the Monastery of Great Meteoron and is known for its stunning red roof. Visit the official website of Meteora to know more about the monasteries and other information.

13. Sailing along the Coast

Sailing along the coast is Athens is a fantastic idea if love spending in the sea. You can take yacht ride along the coast of Athens and spend the day sunbathing and snorkeling in the Aegean sea. Such yacht rides are arranged by various operators. Generally lunch is also available on the yachts. Booking link is given below the image.

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