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The island of Mykonos is the party capital of Greece. There are numerous beach clubs and bars on offer. Gay friendly and family clubs are also there. The options are basically endless. Said to be the Ibiza of Greece, Mykonos is known for its lively nightlife and beach parties. Below is the list of the best clubs in Mykonos.


The only transport running round the clock are private taxis. Local buses which are far more cheaper than the taxis run on this island till late evening. So if you want to save some bucks, you can reach the venue via a bus and then return by a taxi. Below are the things you need to know about these transports on the island.

1. Getting around by bus till late evening

  • The entire island is very well connected by bus. Each area has a bus stop.
  • There are two major bus stops in the city center (also known as Chora). The one on the south side of the center is known as Fabrica, and one on the northern side is known as Old Port. Both these stops are around 20 mins apart on foot.
  • From Fabrica, you can take the bus to some areas like Platis Gialos, Paraga, Paradise and more. From the old port ferry quay, you can take the bus to other areas like
  • Bus schedules keep changing depending on the season or sometimes even month wise. We suggest you get an updated bus schedule from the Mykonos Bus website or get a copy from your hotel reception before stepping out on the island.
  • Bus tickets can be bought from the bus driver (have exact change ready) or you can also buy in advance from a vending machine, kiosks, mini-markets and tourist shops.
  • On a separate note, if you plan on going around a lot, select an accommodation near a bus stop for good connectivity.

2. Getting around by taxi round the clock

  • There are very few taxis on this island. In fact, till 2019 they had only 30 taxis in total. Thus, spotting a taxi is most likely only at major spots like city center or famous clubs etc. But in peak season, you may end up waiting for hours.
  • Thus, if you wish to book a cab, install apps like Aegean Taxi or iMove on your phone. They work not only in Mykonos but various other popular destinations in Greece. You can also ask your hotel reception or the desk at any bar/restaurant to call for a cab for you. In peak season telling them in advance save you from waiting. Just remember that calling a cab may incur an additional cost.
  • Taxis use meters and there’s also a notice board giving rates for each destination, but we would still recommend you ask the rate/extra cost (for luggage etc.) before you get into the cab.


  • Being a very touristy place, the prices on the island are very different in different areas and clubs(depending upon how famous they are obviously!)
  • Local bars and cafe’s in town charge 3 Euros for a pin while clubs like Skandinavian Bar charge you 5 Euros. In the discos, they may charge 5 Euros for a small bottle.
  • The Paradise and Tropicana club charges 4 Euros for a big bottle while the Super Paradise Club charges 5 Euros for a small bottle of Heineken.
  • Few of the famous music bars in town charge €8 for a small bottle. Some of the  places in Little Venice charge like 15 Euros for a pint.
  • Hence , I would strongly recommend that you pregame before heading out to party at any swanky club for an amazing take on the nightlife in Mykonos.


Listing a few club recommendations below and what to expect from each one of them.

1. Paradise Beach Club

Phone number: +30 697 301 6311
Open April to October: Timings vary depending on the events its hosting (Day parties start at 16:00 hr and night parties start at 22:00 hr) Location: Paradise Beach (Google Maps link)
  • Paradise Beach Club is located on the beautiful Paradise Beach. This is one of best party clubs in Mykonos.
  • The club is is known to invite the best DJ’s around the world like Dimitri, Avicii and more. Being such a famous venue, it almost always gets very crowded. Parties here begin during sundown and go up to sunrise. It is recommended to check if any famous DJ is coming on your vacation dates so that you can plan around. You can check and book tickets on the Paradise Beach Club website.
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2. Cavo Paradiso Club

Phone number: +30 2289 027205
Opening Hours: 23:00 to 7:00
Location: Paradise beach (Google Maps Link)
  • This is another very famous club in Mykonos and is located on paradise beach.
  • This club also invites top EDM DJ’s in the world during the summer time. You should check for the dates on the Cave Paradiso Club website and plan your vacation around it. Also always reserve a table before coming here as this place is always very crowded.
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3. Babylon Bar

Phone number: +30 2289 025152
Opening Hours: 19:30 to 6:00
Area: City Center  (Google Maps link)
  • Babylon is famous as a gay friendly bar. This is one of the best places for gay people for having a wild night out.
  • This club hosts theme parties and drag shows, with mainstream and sometimes even old music until the wee hours of morning.
  • Add all of the above to a seaside location on the pier and beautiful decor, isn’t this the perfect place to party? Visit the Babylon Bar facebook page for updated information before you go.
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4. @54 Club and Lounge

Phone number: +30 2289 028543
Opening Hours: 21:00 to 4:00
Area: Manto Square Mykonos Town (Google Maps link)
  • This is a dance bar and lounge club. It attracts both gay and straight people.
  • This bar offers a beautiful terrace where you sip your drink while watching the sunset.
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5. Skandinavian Bar and Club

Phone number: +30 2289 022669
Opening Hours: 20:00 to 6:00
Location: Georgouli (Google Maps link)
Another famous party place is the Skandinavian Bar and Club. This bar serves delicious cocktails. It has both open-air and patio area for the best night out. Visit Skandinavian Bar website for additional information.
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6. Tropicana Beach Bar & Restaurant

Phone number: +39 333 355 8110
Location: Via Porto (Google Maps link)
  • Tropicana Beach Bar & Restaurant is located on the famous Paradise beach, which is also home to the very popular Paradise Club. The superb combination of Tropicana and Paradise Club can give you can an all day itinerary for eating food, lying around on the beach and then party at night.
  • Tropicana also has a luxury hotel right opposite to the bar. So if partying is your main goal on the island, this is great place to stay. For hotel and VIP table reservations and additional information, visit the Tropicana website.
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7. Super Paradise Beach Club

Phone number: +30 698 591 9002
Location: Super Paradise Beach (Google Maps link)
This is probably the most popular club in Mykonos. This is also located at the Paradise beach. Party goes on here afternoon to the early morning hours. This beach club also has a luxury hotel right opposite to it. Being one of the most famous clubs, prices for drinks are obviously on the higher side. So pre-game is highly recommended. For reservations and additional information, please visit the Super Paradise Club website.
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8. Void Club

Phone number: +30 694 481 1360
Opening Hours: 23:00 to 8:00
Location: Lakka (Google Maps link)
Void has been recently opened. Since its opening, it has already seen names like Damian Lazarus, Black Coffee and more. This can soon become the new hotspot for party on the island. For table reservations and additional information, please visit the Void website
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9. Astra

Phone number: +30 2289 024767
Opening Hours: 20:00 to 8:00
Location: Tria Pigadia (Three Wells, Enoplon Dinameon) (Google Maps link)
Astra is the mix of a lounge and bar and nightclub. In the evenings it serves good cocktails and great place to chill. As the night  arrives it becomes a stunning place where you can let it all loose! For reservation and additional information, please visit the Astra website.

10. Scorpios

Phone number: +30 2289 029250
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 1:00
Location: Paraga (Google Maps link)
  • This is not a club or a bar but a restaurant on the beach with a DJ. Due to the beautiful location and amazing facilities of the restaurant, it makes it to the list. The restaurant offers facilities like a private and an Oasis beach, a sunset area where you can watch the sunset while you sip your drink, and also a terrace for the same.
  • If your mood if for a laid back party rather than a maddening one, this is the place. You can simply sit and watch the sunset, enjoy delicious cocktails, hear local and international EDM’s through the night, dance and enjoy the night. For reservation and additional information, please visit the Scorpios website.


If you’re visiting for the nightlife in Mykonos, you are in for a great time nonetheless. However, before you go on a night out, here are some of the do’s and don’ts you need to know.

Do wear Flip Flops

Forget about your high heels. Most parties in Mykonos are staged on a beach, with a great sound system and all the bells and whistles you would expect from superb parties. To have the best time, you want to trade your high heels with a pair of flip flops.

Do get a Taxi

  • Taxi rides are relatively expensive, but taxis are still the safest way to return to your villa after a party.
  • The only thing you need to remember when getting a taxi is to ask for the fare before jumping in. Skipping this important step could turn into a costly mistake.
  • Some accommodations also provide rides, especially for guests who want to party until early in the morning.
  • A car will drop you off at the party and you can ask for a pick-up at any time.

Do keep an Open Mind

  • Different beaches in Mykonos have different ambience. Psarou is more famous for its high-end parties and luxurious amenities. Things are quieter in this area.
  • Super Paradise, on the other hand, is wilder.
  • You’ll find a lot of travellers partying in their G-strings and its LGBT community.
  • Don’t mistake Super Paradise Beach with Paradise Beach. Both are equally wild, but Paradise is more suitable for most travellers.

Don’t arrive Too Late

  • Keep in mind that most beach parties in Mykonos start at around 6 p.m.; some even start as early as 5 p.m. until late at night.
  • Later parties can be found closer to the city and at clubs around the island.
  • You wouldn’t want to be late for the excitement since parties at beaches can get very crowded very quickly.
  • You wouldn’t want to arrive too early either. Don’t show up at a club when the door opens.
  • You’ll end up having more drinks before the party even starts; that’s never a good idea when you have so many things to enjoy through the night.

Don’t forget Where You Are Staying

As silly as this may sound, a lot of tourists and party goers end up not knowing how to return to their hotels or villas when partying in Mykonos. These are some of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind for an awesome night out in Mykonos. Plan a trip to the island and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime! If you are planning to explore Mykonos during the day, then check out our list of the best things to do in and around Mykonos.
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