Santorini Volcano Cruise | Complete Guide


  • Nothing beats breathing under Santorini’s sky!!! Hours of pure magic. Moments you’ll never forget. Probably the best decision we made in Santorini Volcano cruise. I know it makes you feel like its something for couples but that’s not entirely true.
  • The island of Santorini overlooks plenty of volcanic islands which were made naturally thousand of years ago. Each of these islands offer different things and makes a fascinating visit. One offers an active volcano crater while the other offers a natural hot spring for bathing and so on.
  • There are plenty of cruise options available from various operators in terms of type of boat, budget, sailing time, and the number of people on board. The below article mentions the types of tour available in terms of all these factors which will help you choose which one is the best for you.


1. Traditional Cruise to Volcanic Islands and Hot Spring.

  • These are traditional big boats which operate tours around 6-10 hours long. Due to long duration, these cruises operate only in the morning slot. There are 60-70 people on board. Cruise options are available based on the number of people. Please note that food is not included in the price and you can buy on board.
  • Audio guides are provided. Many of these boats also have a party on board which you can check before booking. Again, drinks are not included in the price. The starting price is around 40-50 USD. Booking is given below the image.


  • Nea Kameni: This volcanic island is home to an active volcano. The tour gives free time on the island. The guide will take to the crater of the active volcano which is very fascinating. The hike to the crater is through the lava produced by the volcano. Enjoy free time to explore the island.
  • Palea Kameni: This is the volcanic island with a natural hot spring on its shoreline. They make a stop here for a dip in the natural hot springs.
  • Thirassia: This volcanic island offers beautiful waters across its shoreline for a dip, so this makes the second snorkelling spot.
  • Oia: There is the option of extending the tour in Oia to admire the panoramic views and a spectacular sunset. Depending on the option chosen, the duration of the tour is 6 to 10 hours. If you choose to end the tour in Oia, they will drop you here, otherwise they will take you back at the port.

2. Catamaran Cruise to Hot Springs, Red Beach, Lighthouse and many other places

  • This is obviously the more luxurious option. Tours on these cruises are generally 5-6 hour long with 20 or less people on board. With less people and a luxurious catamaran, this is the best way to experience the volcanic islands and the scenery around Santorini in tranquility. There are couple of options bases on the sailing itinerary and number of people on board. Obviously the price increases as the number of people on board decreases.
  • The tour operates in the morning (leaves the docks at around 10:15 AM) and sunset slot (leaves the docks at around 3:15 PM). The sunset slot is obviously much better due to less and heat and spectacular views. Lunch is included in the price.
  • For different catamaran cruise options based on the itinerary, number of people are more, visit Spiridakos, one of the most popular operator on the island. The average starting cost is somewhere between 120 USD. Getyourguide booking link is given below.


  • Nea Kameni: This is the volcanic island with an active volcano. Just photo stop. Getting off on the island is generally not included in catamaran tours.
  • Palea Kameni: This is the volcanic island with a natural hot spring on its shoreline. They make a stop here for a dip in the natural hot springs.
  • Red Beach: This beach consists of volcanic sand of unique red color. Also this beach is a little far and needs little hike to reach. The pricier version of the cruises stop here for a dip. The standard one’s stop just for a photo stop.
  • White Beach: This beautiful white sand beach can only be accessed by boat. The standard package includes just a photo stop, while the premium packages includes a swimming stop.
  • Lighthouse: The famous Lighthouse is located on one end of the island. The cruise passes from a very close distance to offer the best photos.


  • Barefoot, flip flops or flat shoes are recommended whilst being on board.
  • Come wearing your bathing suit, as you will not be able to resist diving into the alluring crystal clear waters.
  • Pack a change of clothes, towels, toiletries etc.
  • There may be a chance of mosquitoes especially if it is not a windy evening so those who are sensitive could bring some repellent with them.
  • Perfect opportunity to get arm floaties for kids for those Instagram worthy shots against the stunning Santorinian landscape and the Aegean sea as your background.
  • Pack some extra snacks as food options on board will be limited.
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