Best things to do in Barcelona | Complete Guide


Barcelona has so much to offer you that you need at least 3-4 days to cover the city decently. From architectural masterpieces to breathtaking viewpoints, to the one of best football stadium in the world, to one of the best shopping destination, Barcelona has something to offer to everyone. It is truly one of the best vacation destination as it has so many things to offer within and around it. Here is our recommendation of the best things to do in Barcelona.


1. Sagrada Família

  • Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic Basilica. This beautiful monument is considered one of the architecture wonders of the world and one of the greatest works of the world renowned architect Antoni Gaudi.
  • The construction of this monument was started in 1873, and it is projected to be completed in 2026. This site has a very fascinating history. If you are into history, we recommend taking an audio guide or a guided tour.
  • At the first glance of this iconic monument, it will become clear that there is no other building like Sagarda Familia in the world. The beautiful and complex design of the interior and exterior walls is unbelievable. Words can’t explain the grandeur of the main hall as you enter the monument.
  • As of today, the monument has two facades(Passion and Nativity) on top of it which offers different views of the Barcelona cities.
  • We strongly recommend booking your tickets in advance as due to the heavy rush, there is a specific time slot allocated to every ticket. And they allow limited entries in every slot. So the probability is close to zero that you will get your tickets on site. You can book the tickets here

2. Casa Batlló

  • The iconic Casa Batllo is a building in central Barcelona. It is also considered one of the architectural marvels and one of the masterpieces of the world renowned artist Antoni Gaudi.
  • The locals call this building “The House of Bones” as the overall design has a skeletal characteristic. The facade of this building is made with colorful ceramic tiles. Overall it just looks unique and stunning.
  • As amazing as the design is the history of this place. This residential place was purchased in 1900 by the textile industrialist Josep Batlló due to its central location. This house was unattractive at the time and therefore undesirable to buyers. Mr. Josep wanted a revamp of his home, a revamp such that his house should be like no other. And thus he hired the best in the business who made it priceless. Talk about renovating a house!
  • If you are a enthusiast of Gaudi work or in general a history buff, you should purchase a ticket and go inside.  The inside of the previous residence exhibits details of Gaudi work and the history of the whole place.

3. Park Güell

  • Park Güell is yet another masterpiece by the world renowned artist Antoni Gaudí. This is public park located on Carmel Hill in Barcelona. The park overlooks the Barcelona city and offers stunning views.
  • This park consists of beautiful gardens and stunning architectural elements. These elements include structures and statues of unique geometry and design.
  • This park has been given UNESCO World Heritage site status. Since is highly crowded all the time, to avoid being in the ticket queue for hours, make sure to buy the tickets in advance from here.

4. Montjuïc Hill and Castle

  • Montjuïc is a hill overlooking the Barcelona city on one side and and city’s harbor on another. The top of this hill is home to the Montjuïc castle, which is a 16th century military castle.
  • This castle apart from its fascinating history provides stunning views of the Barcelona city and harbor. You can reach the castle via a 5 min convenient cable car.

5. Catedral de Barcelona

  • Also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, this is a beautiful Gothic cathedral and the seat of the chief bishop of Barcelona.
  • The cathedral has a eye-pleasing architecture from both inside and outside. Just stroll inside and gaze at the beautiful walls and domes.

6. Mount Tibidabo and Tibidabo Amusement Park

  • Mount Tibidabo is a beautiful hill overlooking the Barcelona city. It is famous for the amusement park, known as Tibidabo Amusepark Park, situated on its peak.
  • The peak of this mountain offers breathtaking views of the Barcelona city. Just imagine enjoying rides with the view of Barcelona. There is Ferris wheel in this park which is very famous because of the view it offers.
  • To avoid being in queue for hours, buy the tickets in advance from here

7. Tour the famous Barcelona Football Stadium

  • Camp Nou is the home stadium of famous FC Barcelona football club. It is one of the most famous football stadiums of  the world. This stadium dates back to 1957 and has a seating capacity of over 99000 people.
  • The stadium has a museum inside it which exhibits the history of this stadium and the achievements of the Barcelona club including the cups, medals, uniform and more.
  • You can tour this stadium with/without an audio guide by purchasing a single ticket which includes all the parts of the stadium including  main field, dressing and press room, stands and more.

8. La Rambla

  • La Rambla is the one of the touristy and famous street in Barcelona. The street is filled with restaurants, cafes, shopping, a food market and always almost a lot of people.
  • Being so touristy,food and drinks are cost are higher, obviously! Are pick pocketing is very common. So you will have to be vigilant while you are strolling here.

9. Shopping

We literally went crazy shopping. To the extent that we had to buy another bad to take our additional stuff back home! Since Sapin is the home country to a LOT of famous brands, you are sure to find the best collection at the best prices! Here are some of the places you should consider if you plan to shop.
  • Maremagnum
  • Glòries
  • Arenas de Barcelona
  • La Roca Village
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