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Who goes on a vacation and don’t explore the nightlife? Even if you aren’t very interested in the ‘club vibe’, it’s worth a visit! The nightlife in Barcelona is vibrant and very mixed, as the city itself. There are a lot of bars in each area however clubs are somewhat restricted to certain areas. There are so many clubs in each of these areas that the competition is fierce with crazy deals.


Honestly speaking, cabs are the best way around the city if you want to go for a fun night out! Its hassle free and safer. You can take the local transport, but it’s doesn’t functional round the clock so you will have to take a cab back if you plan on a late night. Personally, we would recommend that you take the local transport to reach the area and then take a cab back to your accommodation.

PRICE range

Since Spain isn’t very expensive as a country drink here aren’t overly expensive. Expect a drink to cost you anything between 8 to 15 Euros. Some bars are as generous as the spanish people really are and will provide you with some lip-smacking tapas. However pre-gaming is the norm if you want to get sloshed without a deep hole in your pocket.


Most of the nightlife in Barcelona takes place around La Rambla, El Born, and the Port Olímpic. Although there are clubs scattered all over town.

Port Olimpic

Port Olimpic is one of the best places to go out in Barcelona. The mild weather and the lovely atmosphere and the perfect setting to party the night away. There is a great offer of clubs near the beach, like Opium, Catwalk, Shôko and Pacha. The clubs give away promotional flyers in popular areas of the city center, where they may offer discounts on drinks or offer a free entrance.

Plaza Real

Plaza Real is one of the most appealing places in the Old City. This famous square is one nightspot you just can’t miss in the Gothic Quarter. You’ll find iconic places like Ocaña, Karma, Sidecar and Jamboree just a few steps from La Rambla.

Other Areas

  • Among the most established clubs in town to party we find Razzmatazz. Much more than a club, it offers concerts and five different rooms to enjoy the best indie pop, alternative rock and electronic music and concerts.
  • Sala Bikini, a legendary club in Barcelona it’s open for everything in between live concerts, music events, private parties and fashion shows.
  • The posh and exclusive Sutton Club features several rooms with mainstream pop in the upper part of Barcelona, as well as Atlantic Club, with a gorgeous terrace overlooking Barcelona.
  • Around the same area, Be cool features different lounges with electronica and indie music.  If dancing is not your forte, this neighborhood has also a large array of famous bars where it’s just possible to chill out.
  • Cool places like Mirabé, featuring an incredible open-air terrace with incredible views of the Barcelona skyline.
  • La Terraza, an open-air chill out club inside Poble Espanyol in Montjuïc.
  • Finally, another legendary club is Arena, a family of gay-friendly clubs in the Gaixample District.


One key word you must remember about nightlife in Barcelona is late. Dinner starts at most restaurants around 22:00, and can last until midnight, more so on Fridays and Saturdays. As a consequence, clubs are deserted until 1:00 or 2:00 am, and after that the party can continue up until 6:00 am (in selected venue).


Even if you’re not the one who enjoys good music and night outs, you will want to go out for this! It’s not just nightclubs here, the people, the vibe and the food (tapas, yum) is great. If you stepped into the right place you may even encounter a live performer playing crazy spanish music. Just do it to check it off your to do list!
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