Day Trip to Montserrat from Barcelona | Complete Guide


Montserrat is a multi-peak mountain range near Barcelona. This beautiful mountain range is made up of unusual rocks which a great sight. The many peaks and numerous viewpoints on this mountain offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Adding to its beauty, there is a monastery on top of this mountain which makes the place of great religious importance. When in Barcelona or nearby cities, a day trip to Montserrat is a must. Keep reading to know about how to get there, things to do and more.

From ancient ruins to hidden beaches, from spectacular mountains to stunning coastline, from waterfalls splashing turquoise waters to cenotes offering amazing diving experiences, Mexico has so much to offer. The country is packed with so much to do, that i don’t think it is possible to cover it call in a single trip. I have still tried to make a list of the most unmissable things to do which was very difficult in this case.


By Train

The only train to Montserrat station runs from Plaza de España in Barcelona on the R5 line. Once you take this train, there are plenty of options to go up the mountain after reaching the station: you can either take a cable car, take a rack railway or hike. While hiking is free, you can take separate tickets for all the rest. But to taking a combined ticket, like train+cable car or train+rack railway at the station itself will be cheaper. For ticket booking and timetable of the train, cable car and rack railway, please visit the Montserrat website.

By train and cable car

If you see decide to take the cable car combination, you need to get down at the Aeri de Montserrat station which is a 1 hour ride.

By train and rack railway

If you see decide to take the cable car combination, you need to get down at the Monistrol de Montserrat station which is just 1 station after the Aeri de Montserrat station.

TOT Ticket

This is a convenient all including ticket. You get round trip transfers from Barcelona(train+cable car/rack railway), lunch at self catering restaurant, entrance to Montserrat Monastery Museum and unlimited rides to Sant Joan funicular(funicular which takes you halfway to the top of Montserrat).

By train and hike

As the name says, you get down at the station and hike your way up to the mountain. Most adventurous and cost effective way.

By Car/Guided tours

You can also drive down here till the cable car/rack railway station. From Barcelona, its just a 1 hour drive. Many companies provide convenient guided tours(link mentioned below) which also help you understand the history of the place better.



1. Monastery and Basilica

Montserrat is home to Santa Maria de Montserrat, which is a beautiful monastery located in the mountains of Montserrat. This monastery is home to a beautiful basilica known as The Basilica. It also houses the famous Virgin of Statue, which is the most famous attraction of the place.  The monastery ground also has a museum, which contains works by major artists, such as Dalí, El Greco, Monet or Giordano. You will also find archaeological and liturgical exhibits.


2. Sant Miquel’s Cross

There is separate funicular connecting three famous landmarks: Sant Miquel’s chapel, Santa Cova Chapel and Sant Jeroni Chapel. All these chapels are 10-15 mins walk from their respective stations. When you reach the first point of Sant Miquel’s chapel, a 100 meter walk from there you bring you to the Sant Miquel’s Cross which is spectacular viewpoint looking at the Montserrat mountains and monastery. The views from here are breathtaking.


3. Santa Cova Chapel

  • Holy Cave of Montserrat is a beautiful hillside cave in the Montserrat mountains. The Virgin of Montserrat was found in this cave back in 880 AD. The find of this priceless holy statue was the reason Montserrat became a place of religious importance was later followed by construction of Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery.
  • The Santa Cova Chapel was built around this cave to house the statue back in the end of 17th century. That is the reason this chapel is very famous. You can visit this chapel by taking the Santa Cova funicular from the station located close to the monastery. The chapel is 10-15 walk from the funicular station.

4. Boys Choir

The first Boys Choir performed here back in 14th century. This 700 hundred year old tradition is still enjoyed everyday in Montserrat. Now it is performed in various important religious ceremonies and prayers in the basilica. It is thing of great honor to be chosen in this group. Check the timings of their performance before planning your day trip.


5. Spectacular views from Sant Jeroni

Sant Jeroni is the highest peak of Montserrat. To reach that, you will have to take a funicular from the station very close to the monastery. Then from there, it is around 1-1.5 hour hike to the top. It’s definitely hard work, but the views will make it worth it. The 360 views of this point is honestly unbelievable.



  • Come prepared. Wear the right shoes and outerwear.
  • Food options are limited and not so good. Try to bring your own.
  • Plan accordingly regarding the Boys’ Choir. It’s a must-see.
  • Do your hikes early. They take a lot out of you and close earlier than the indoor attractions.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the line for the Black Madonna. It moves fast, and she’s worth the wait.
  • This place also has a hotel in case you feel tired and want to return the next day.
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