Top 10 Things to do in Madrid | Complete guide


From the collection of world famous paintings and sculptures in the various museums across the city, to the stunning Royal palace in the center, to the numerous historic sights, to very lively streets and amazing nightlife, the capital city of Spain has so much to offer. Here is our list of top things to do in Madrid that you cannot miss.


1. See some of the world’s most famous paintings and sculpture at the Prado Museum

  • The Prado museum in Madrid contains the finest collection of European art in the world. The collection dates back the period between 12th and early 20th century. This museum is considered one of the greatest art museums in the world and is also one of the visited museums in the world.  The museum itself dates back to 1819, and contains collections of paintings, sculptures and other important forms of art.
  • The collection in the museum includes the works of  world renowned artists like by Francisco Goya, Hieronymus Bosch, El Greco and many more. If you are a art lover, you cannot miss this place.
  • For the list of collection, ticket book and other information, visit the Prado Museum website. But i will recommend a guided tour to understand the history and the meaning behind the paintings. Booking link for that is given below the image.


2. See the beautiful Royal Palace of Madrid

  • This palace is the official residence of the Royal family of Spain. Nowadays, it is only used for state ceremonies.
  • The stunning interiors on the palace walls and decoration in the rooms make this place a must do in Madrid. The palatial walls boast paintings of world renowned artists(obviously!) including Francisco de Goya, Juan de Flandes, Caravaggio, to name a few. Apart from the paintings, the palace also has a fascinating collection of things used by the Royal family. This include watches, silverware, world’s only complete Stradivarius string quintet, Royal Armoury of Madrid, porcelain, furniture and more.


3. See one of the world’s most famous football stadium – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

  • This is the home stadium of the Real Madrid football team and the 2nd largest stadium in Spain.
  • You can purchase a Bernabéu Tour ticket in which you can roam around the entire stadium including the field, changing rooms, museum etc. with an interactive audio guide. If you are a football fan, this is definitely a must do for you. Some companies also arrange guided tours here.


4. Go to the ever lively Gran Via street

  • This is the most famous and lively street of Madrid. Almost always filled with tourists, this street is the center of entertainment, shopping and culture.
  • From morning to evening, it is filled with shoppers. In the evening time, you can see couples coming out of movie theatres and cultural shows. At night, this street is home to Madrid’s top nightclubs.

5. Soak in the city vibe at Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol

  • These both are big public squares where locals and tourists can shop, walk around, eat, enjoy the outdoors and soak in the city vibe.
  • Also, Puerta del Sol is home to the famous clock, where locals and tourists celebrate the famous tradition of eating of the Twelve Grapes at the beginning of a new year.

6. See a flamenco dance show

  • Flamenco dance is a super-expressive and highly energetic Spanish dance form. This solo dance consists of energetic footwork and hand clapping along with intricate hand, arm, and body movements. It is usually accompanied by a guitar player and a singer.
  • If you haven’t seen a flamenco show before, this is a must do. Since this dance originated in Spain, it’s shows happen all over the country. Naturally the capital city Madrid has various famous spots where this energetic dance form is performed.Corral de la Morería, Torres Bermejas, Café de Chinitas are the 3 of the most famous spots.

7. Enjoy splendid views of Madrid from a rooftop bar

There are many rooftop bars in Madrid where you can get amazing views of the city while you sip your drink. The most famous include 360º Rooftop Bar at Riu Plaza Espana, La Terraza de Oscar and many more. Try to visit at sunset time for the best views!

8. Eat some Churros

  • There is no better place for eating Churros then the country in which it originated. Combining it the famous Spanish hot chocolate will take on cloud 9.
  • There are numerous Churros stalls and shops across Madrid, but the most famous one is San Ginés which is serving Churros since the 19th century.

9. Stroll in the El Retiro Park and see the Glass Palace

  • El Retiro is a gigantic park in the heart of Madrid. In addition to the abundance of gardens, the park is also home to very interesting monuments and even a big artificial lake. You can rent a rowing boat or just soak in the fresh air.
  • A must see monument is the Glass palace. This all metal and glass structure is beautifully designed and it feels wonderful to stand inside it especially at the sunset time. It is used for exhibitions. The Velázquez Palace shares a similar architecture and is also a worth visit if you have the time.
  • Overall, this park is great place for chilling and strolling around in green nature.

10. Spend some time in Basilica of San Francisco el Grande

  • This is a beautiful Roman Catholic church in the heart of Madrid. The beauty of this church lies inside on its wall with beautiful interiors and paintings on the walls. The church is also home to a magnificent painting of the saint by Francisco Goya.
  • This church has the largest dome in Spain and one of the largest Christian dome in the world.
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