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Turquoise blue waters filled with colorful fishes and corals, white and pink sand beaches with palm trees, endless islands and cays, each more beautiful than the other, the Bahamas is nothing less than a beautiful dream!  Here are the most unmissable things to do in Bahamas. 


1. Swim with pigs on the famous pig island

  • You must have seen people swimming alongside fishes, but this is something really cute, fun and unique.
  • Pig Island, otherwise known as Big Major Cay, is located in the famous Exuma district of The Bahamas. This beautiful uninhabited island consists of a gorgeous white stretch of sand surrounded with turquoise waters, and lots of pigs. You can feed the pigs and swim with them and let’s not forget those amazing pictures.
  • The only way to reach the Pig Island is by boat. You can either hire a boat or join a guided tour.
  • There are many interesting places in the Exumas near Pig Island. These places include Thunderball Grotto which has a hidden sandbar beach, Compass Cay where you can swim with the sharks, Bahamas Rock Iguanas and lots more. Read further to know more.  If you sign up for a tour it would include some of these places. Try to take a tour which covers the maximum places as the Bahamas is very expensive.

Best way to get here

1. Private/guided boat tour from Nassau: Distance from Nassau is around 75 miles. You can either hire a boat or join a guided tour. For guided tours, I will recommend Hidden Beach Bahamas
2. Flight to Staniel Cay from Nassau + boat trip: Now you have two options of doing this.

  • You can either take a flight to Staniel Cay via the local airline Flamingo Air and then take a private/guided boat trip to the big island and nearby places.
  • Or you can book a convenient tour via Bahamas Air Tours which includes everything including i.e. return flight tickets from Nassau airport, the boat tour to pig island and a few nearby places.
  • You can even stay in Staniel Cay and take the tour the next day. There are plenty of companies operating guided boat trips from Staniel Cay to Pig island.
Bird sitting on which is swimming in the waters surrounding Pig Island in Bahamas
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

2. Swim with sharks

  • Shark? swim with them? are you out of your mind! I get it! felt exactly the same when I learnt about this! But you have to trust me on this, its an amazing experience of a lifetime and it definitely won’t be your last.
  • Compass Cay, located in Exuma district of the Bahamas, is home to numerous nurse sharks. This breed of sharks is harmless to humans unless they are bothered. So if you remain docile, you can swim with sharks on this island which will surely give you that great adrenaline rush all travellers crave.
  • You should ideally combine it with Pig island. Since its the same area the ways of getting here are exactly the same as the pig island tour above.
Lady swimmig with nurse sharks in Bahamas
© BlueOrange Studio/ Adobe Stock

3. Snorkel in the James Bond Thunderbolt Grotto

  • Now that you have checked out swimming with pigs and sharks, how about snorkelling in an underwater cave? Not to forget it was featured in two James Bond movies.
  • The Thunderball Grotto is located under a very small island near Staniel Cay.  There is a big natural hole above the grotto which illuminates the cave due to reflection from the turquoise waters. You can either admire the views from there or take a 25m jump straight into the grotto. The cave is so close to Staniel Cay that you can swim your way to the cave.
  • This cave is home to endless colourful fishes and corals which makes it perfect for snorkelling.  Also, if you swim on you back, you will be able to get breathtaking views of the cave structure which is a rare sight.
  • Being very near to Staniel Cay, you may club this with pig island and nearby places.
Inside view of thunderball grotto near staniel cay in Bahamas
Image Credits : Unknown

4. Swing above the turquoise waters of The Bahamas

  • Do I need to even mention this? This is a necessity in the Bahamas. I know it doesn’t sound much but I would strongly recommend you experience this and make it a day by the beach! The Bahamas is dotted with stretches of gorgeous white sand beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees. You can have a great beach day literally anywhere in this country.
  • One of the beach in this paradise, known as Coco Plum Beach, offers a little extra. This beach has a swing installed in the water some feet away from the shoreline. Swinging above the spectacular turquoise waters while soaking in the amazing surrounding views sounds like a damn good vacation to me. Just imagine the sunrise and sunsets here!


This beach is located on the Great Exuma island. The best way to reach here is via flight from Nassau or direct flights from some countries. This island has two airports, Exuma international and George town airport.
Swings in the water of Coco Plum beach in Great Exuma (Bahamas)
© Giongi63/ Adobe Stock

5. Pink Sand Beach at Harbour Island

  • The islands of Bahamas are famous for having some of the most spectacular white sands and turquoise waters in the world. But very less people know that this country has a little extra in store!
  • Bahamas also has many pink sand beaches. Now understand this very clearly: the sand is NOT pink. It is basically white sand with a pink hue on it. Don’t trust the instagram pictures which show them all  bubblegum pink. That being said, it is super pretty and unmissable! Being a hue, it is clearly visible only in bright daylight.
  • This is something which leaves awestruck when you realize nature can even make pink beaches. Words can’t describe the feeling of strolling on a pink beach, especially when its empty. This is highly recommended.
  • This is located on Harbour island. The best way to reach there is via a flight.
Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island in Bahamas
© emotionpicture/ Adobe Stock

6. Glass Window Bridge

  • Glass Window Bridge is man made bridge is located a very skinny part of the Eleuthera island in the Bahamas. This thin landmass of the island separates the  vigorous cobalt bluish waters of Atlantic Ocean with the shallow turquoise waters of the Bight of Eleuthera. Thus when you stand on the bridge, you will get a breathtaking panorama of the contrasting shades of blue in a very small area. If you have a drone, don’t forget to fly it here as you will get one of the most spectacular aerial views.
  • This site is a true natural wonder. It differentiates the famous waters of the Bahamas with the rest of the surrounding Atlantic Ocean.
Panorama of glass window bridge above the land seperating the two bodies of water
© forcdan/ Adobe Stock

7. Kayak in the pristine waters

  • The Bahamas is filled with gorgeous beaches, resorts, cays, coves, coral reefs and much more.  One of the best way to soak in this spectacular scenic beauty is via a peaceful kayak ride. They are very popular in this country and are available at numerous islands.
  • The most popular spots for kayaking in Bahamas include Exuma Cays, Lucayan National Park and many more.
Birds eye view of two people kayaking in Bahamas
Photo by Jonathan Lassen from Pexels

8. Interact with dolphins and sea lions at Blue Lagoon Island

  • Blue Lagoon is a private island around 30 mins boat ride away from Nassau. Like the rest of Bahamas, this island has spectacular white sand beaches surrounded with turquoise waters. But apart from that, this island offers the perfect beach day with tons of activities like Segway tour around the island, interaction with dolphins and sea lions in their habitat, kayaks, water park, water sports and much more.

9. Scuba and Snuba Diving

  • One of the best things about Bahamas is its translucent and pristine turquoise waters. These eye pleasing waters are filled with colorful fishes, corals and variety of other marine life. Such beautiful underwater world makes Bahamas an unmissable spot for taking a deep sea dive.
  • Based on your budget and diving experience, you choose between scuba and snuba diving. Supposing you already know what scuba diving is, snuba is a mix of scuba and snorkeling. In snuba, you take a deep sea dive like scuba but you don’t have to carry the big oxygen cylinders. Instead you can breathe via the pipes connected with the oxygen tanks floating above the water. These tanks will move with you. So as you are avoiding the most difficult part of scuba, that is the technique of breathing, you don’t have to certified to do snuba. Only basic swimming skills will suffice.
person clicking a photo of turtle doing scuba diving in Bahamas
Photo by Richard Segal from Pexels

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