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From a shopping paradise, to a nightlife hub, to an architectural marvel, you will fall in love with the city of Istanbul. But as soon as you start planning your trip, the first question comes to where you should stay. Making that choice right is very important as this city is huge. So if you are staying far away from the touristy areas or shopping or whatever you are planning to do, if will be required to do a lot of travelling. So here is the top area wise recommendation for where to stay in Istanbul along with pros and cons of every area.


1. Beyoglu

This is most lively and touristy of area of Istanbul. It if filled with pretty cobblestone streets, cafes, bars, shops and restaurants. This area consists of some of the most famous areas of Istanbul. It includes Taskim Square(the most famous square in Istanbul), Galata(home to Galata tower), Istiklal street(famous shopping street), Pera (charming Greek neighborhood), Karakoy and Serdar-ı Ekrem(another popular shopping street).

Recommended hotels in Beyoglu

Name Category Approx. cost per night (USD) Highlights
Raddison Blu Istanbul Pera 5* 150 Modern hotel at a great location
Gezi Hotel Bosphorus Istanbul 5* 140 Stunning views from the room

2. Nisantasi

This is an upscale residential area.  It is home to numerous luxury hotels, high end restaurants serving global cuisine, cafes and luxury fashion boutiques selling local and international brands. This area is just a 15 mins drive from touristy Taskim Square. If you want to stay in high end area away from the tourists, but still in close vicinity to the tourist area, this is the great option.

Recommended hotels in Nisantasi

Name Category Approx. cost per night (USD) Highlights
W Istanbul 5* 160 Luxury hotel in a high end area
Sofa Hotel Istanbul, Autograph Collection 5* 170 Luxury hotel at a great location

3. Sultanahmet

This is historic city center of Istanbul and one of the touristy area. This area if filled with famous historic sites including Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, Basilica Cistern, Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar. Living in this area would definitely make all these major attractions within walking distance. The only downside are the prices which are very being a very famous area. You can get a luxurious hotel in Nisantasi at the same price which you will be paying for 4* star hotel here.

Recommended hotels in Sultanahmet

Name Category Approx. cost per night (USD) Highlights
Basileus Hotel 3* 90 Modern hotel with good rooms
Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet 5* 570 Luxury hotel at a great location


Overall it seems to me Sultanahmet is the place with all the tourist attractions, Beyoğlu comes in second with things to do and see, then the Asian side, then going way out toward Bebek if you have a lot of time!
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