Day trip to Werfen Ice Caves | World’s largest ice cave


The world’s biggest ice cave and the coolest (pun intended) place we visited in Austria!!! Day trip to Werfen ice caves(Eisriesenwelt) is one of the most popular attractions near Salzburg! The term ‘Ice Cave’ fascinated us so much that we had to check it off our bucket list. For curious people looking for the ‘not so mainstream’ things to do/see near Salzburg, this is it.

In this blog you will find almost all-important things you need to know if you plan on or are confused about visiting these caves.



We have listed down the ways to reach the entrance of Werfen Ice Cave(Eisriesenwelt) from Salzburg as doing this day trip from Salzburg is the most convenient in comparison to any other city in Austria. From the starting point, you will have to do a 20 min hike. Then take a cable car (optional) or continue trecking. Lastly, another 20 min hike to reach the ice cave

By Car

Getting to Werfen is a fairly easy 50 minute drive from Salzburg.

By Public Transportation

Take the train from Salzburg to Werfen Bahnhof (40-50 mins) leaves about every hour (costs € 13 on spot and €9if you book in advance) . From Werfen Bahnhof you can take the shuttle bus that will take you straight to the main entrance of Werfen Ice Caves. Round trip bus fare: Adults: € 7, Kids: € 5.

By Private Tour

You can take a guided private/group tour from Salzburg to explore the largest ice cave in the world. There are plenty of tour providers to choose from. The private tour would cost you around € 650 for a maximum of 8 people and the group tour is more or less €100 per person.You may ask your hotel reception to help you with the provider with the most suitable pick up location from your accommodation.


What to expect!

1. Ride up on Austria’s steepest gondola lift

As mentioned above, once you buy your ticket, you will have to do a 20 min hike to get to a cable car. This is Austria’s steepest Gondola ride and view’s are to die for. You will have to pay a tad bit extra for the gondola ride, but it’s definitely worth it! You can choose to skip the cable car and hike instead.


2. Guided Ice Cave Tour

  • After the hike and gondola ride you will reach the entrance of the Werfen ice cave.
  • This 75-minute tour, which covers the first kilometre of the cave of a total of 42 kilometres, includes scientific information and historical facts about the cave.
  • You could choose to take the tour in English or German.
  • The caves can only be visited as part of guided tours offered from May to October.
  • On clear days you will be able to stand at the cave entrance and look out at a magnificent mountain panorama in front of you. Lucky for us we got to see this!
  • Check out the below video to get a look at what you are going to experience:

Other Nearby Attractions

If you have traveled all the way you might as well see what this place has to offer. There is a list of other things that you can see.

1. Have a meal at Obauer

One of the best places to eat in Werfen. The menu is designed by renowned chefs, Karl and Rudi Obauer. The food is either served inside this elegant restaurant or out in its garden where most of the fruit and herbs are grown. Signature dishes, such as delicious Werfen lamb and flaky trout strudel, are complemented by the finest Austrian wines, I’m hungry already! For additional information, please visit the official website.

2. Burg Hohenwerfen Castle

This medieval rock castle overlooks the town of Werfen. It is surrounded by stunning mountains and offers breathtaking views. This castle dates back to the 11th century.


3. Oedlhaus Cafe

This cafe is located next to Eisriesenwelt cable-car top station. The best thing about this cafe is the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. On a misty day, you will feel you are eating over the clouds.


4. Golling Waterfalls

  • This waterfall is located in the town of Golling an der Salzach, which is just a 20 mins drive from Werfen. The view of this waterfall is just breathtaking. We highly recommend doing this.
  • You can also check Liechtenstein Gorge which is also very pretty.


  • Start early so by the time you reach the cave it’s all cozy, cold, foggy and pleasant (weather wise) to hike up. Additionally, if you start early and finish your tour in time, you will be just in time for brunch at the cafes on the way and you will be safe from the sun during your trek down.
  • No photography or filming is allowed inside the cave (helps preserves the ice caves)
  • Even if you are sly and can manage to click pictures, you might want to carry your low light photography lenses because there is very little light inside the caves
  • Even when the temperature outside is over 80°F, it is still freezing in the ice cave(0°C/32°F)
  • Last cable car up the mountain is at 4:20 PM(in July, Aug.) or 3:20 PM (in May, June, Sept., Oct.)
  • Last Cave tour is 4:45 PM (in July, Aug.) or 3:45 PM (in May, June, Sept., Oct.)
  • Please remember that to complete a trip of Werfen Ice Cave. Apart from around 40 mins hike up the cliff each way, the cave has 1400 steps (700 steps up and 700 steps down). And once you enter the cave you can’t walk out unless it’s a medical emergency.
  • Cave Tour duration is approx. 1hr 15 mins. Language options are German and English.
  • The ticket costs are revised annually so we suggest you check the costs here.
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