8 Days in Greece: Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos


So you’re planning an 8 day trip to Greece? Sounds like a pretty swell idea to me. Greece is a magical place to visit because you have the archeological sites in Athens, the serenity of the cave dwellings in Santorini, and the boisterous nightlife in Mykonos. I mean…how can you not have a fabulous time?
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Athens for 3 Nights

  • Parthenon(The Acropolis of Athens) and Acropolis Museum
  • Vouliagmeni Lake
  • Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion

Santorini for 3 Nights

  • Staying in cave hotel
  • Taking a Yatch ride
  • Having wine with a view
  • Explore the caldera

Mykonos for 2 Night

  • Explore Mykonos town on a bike
  • Party at the best beach clubs in the world


Day 1: Arrival Athens – Explore the city

Arrival to the Athens Airport and transfer to the accommodation in Athens

Explore the city by foot/public transport/hop on hop off(Recommended)

  • Once you are all settled in, step out to explore the city. You can walk, take public transport or take the Hop-on-hop-off. Honestly we feel like in athens a Hop-on-hop-off makes more sense. Its relatively cheap (starting from 25 USD), you can get off wherever you want, covers all major highlights and do you have to take the hassle of parking.
  • There are three lines of hop-on-hop-off. Athens line, Piraeus line and Riviera line(this one is the prettiest). The stops where you should get off are Acropolis & Parthenon (obviously), Temple of Zeus, Monastiraki Square(best for shopping and local produce)
  • End you day at the Plaka district, which I consider to be the best food in Greece. the Plaka district is touristy, yes, but absolutely stunning and a total must visit. You can do loads of shopping in Plaka and when you are tired, take a seat and look up at the beautiful Acropolis on the hill.

Overnight in Athens
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Day 02: Vouliagmeni Lake, Cape Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon day tour from Athens

  • Day 1 could have been tiring because that's the day you flew in and you may not have had enough time to see everything. So continue your exploring in the first half of the day. Or you can sleep late and start this tour around afternoon.
  • Renting a car or chauffeur driven car would be the best way to cover all the spots on this tour. You can also take a guided tour or use public transport but they will go only to Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon and not to the other spots.

First stop, Astir Beach(You can also opt for Kavouri Beach)

  • Astir Vouliagmeni is considered one of the top spots for a summer swim in Athens.

Second stop, Vouliagmeni Lake

  • It is a hidden treasure in the heart of the Athenian Riviera. Its brackish waters, rich in salts and minerals, have a temperature between 22o to 29o degrees all year round.

Third stop, Cape Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon

  • Arriving at the Cape Sounion, you will visit the 5th century B.C. Temple of Poseidon with its magnificent panoramic view of the Aegean Sea (on a clear day you can see at least seven islands). The history and the culture of this site promises one of the most amazing sunsets you could ever imagine.
  • To know more about this tour, please click here(Link: )

Overnight in Athens

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Day 03: Transfer to Santorini and Relax

Take a flight to Santorini(45-50 mins)(50-125 USD)

  • You can take a ferry too, but the ferry will cost you around 40- 80 USD and take 5-10 hours. So we will recommend the flight.


  • Once you have arrived, spend the rest of your day taking it all in. Watch the Santorini sunset (something that will be worth your visit).
  • Have a meal by the Caldera overlooking the sea and the volcano.

Overnight in Santorini
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Day 04: Wine Tasting Tour and Explore Santorini

Wine Tour

  • Lots of Tour operators give various kinds of tours, but it’s more or less similar. They take you around to around 2-3 different wineries and vineyards. There is lots and lots of wine tasting at each stop.
  • You can also drive to these places. Rent a car or ATV (ask your hotel reception to guide you). It's decently priced and starts from around 50 Euros per day. Driving in Santorini is an experience that you shouldn't miss.
  • However if the entire tour and all is not your thing, and you would rather visit one place you can go to Santowines Winery(which according to us is the best winery in Santorini). The view here is to die for.
  • Click here to know more about this tour

Overnight in Santorini

Explore Santorini

  • Spend the rest of the day shopping at Fira and Oia.
  • Exploring Oia with one of the best sunsets Santorini has to offer. There are multiple restaurants where you can watch the sunset, the sea and the volcano.

Overnight in Santorini
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Day 05:Yacht ride in Santorini(About 6 hours)

Take a yacht and sail in the Aegean sea

  • Sail across Santorini’s beautiful caldera. There are lots of tour operators providing various kinds of tours (ranging from 50-150 USD)
  • Choose whatever you fancy - a romantic sunset ride or a floating party yacht or just go island hopping across various beautiful island nearby.
  • Most of the tour operators provide time to snorkel/swim/ bathe in the warm springs.
  • This is something you CANNOT miss. Honestly the best decision we made in Santorini was to sign up for this tour.
  • Click here to know more about this tour

Overnight in Santorini
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Day 06: Transfer to Mykonos

Ferry to Mykonos

The ferry is about 3 or 4 hours and runs throughout the day so you can leave late morning and arrive in the middle of the afternoon. Be sure to confirm the timings of the ferries, they keep changing. You can also take a flight, but ferry is cheaper and if you include the waiting time at airport, it won’t make much of a difference timing wise

Go Clubbing

  • If you aren't tired. Head out, have your meal and go to a club. When in Mykonos ending your day in a club is a mandate. Head to Paradise or SuperParadise beach clubs for your ultimate Mykonos experience.
  • Parties begin late at night and go on until dawn.

Overnight in Mykonos
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Day 07: Explore Mykonos

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Day 08: Back home

Fly home or to your next location.

We hope we were able to help! Should you need any further assistance, we are happy to help, please do write to us or call us, should you need any further assistance.
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